Nor'Easter Orlena takes Greenwich by storm

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Today is a snow day!!!  Hurray say all the children that live in this peaceful town of Greenwich, CT. There's no "remote learning" today.  They get to be kids.  The weather is perfect for building a snowman, and so is the snow. It's that perfect fluffy snow that you can run in and that is easily shoveled. (Thank God for that!) There is about a foot of snow already in the mid-country and probably more in the backcountry, with another foot or so more expected to fall.  

If you are new to Greenwich, don't worry.  We have not seen a storm like this in a very long time. (Watch...Now we will have more.) Greenwich, due to its coastal location is fairly mild in the winters.  I am not saying that it doesn't get cold and that it doesn't snow.  It is and it does, but we usually don't get below zero and we don't usually get more than 3 or 4 inches of snow during snowfalls, which are occasional.  

Greenwich is a beautiful town all year long.  We have vibrant springs exploding with color. Put's Hill shows off it's crocuses and trees are all budding with new life.  The summers and breezy and cool. One can enjoy one of the three beaches and the many parks, as well as casual dining and shopping on the main drags, such as Greenwich and Sound Beach Avenues. The fall shows off it's deep reds and multi-hued oranges and yellows. But my favorite is when Greenwich dresses up in her winter white outfit, like today.

So enjoy the snow.  Catch up on paperwork.  Watch a movie with some hot cocoa, popcorn and your family, and put your feet up.  Life will be back to COVID-normal soon enough.