How to Appeal your Taxes in Greenwich

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Visit to see how to appeal your Greenwich real estate taxes. 

Appeal Your Greenwich Taxes

Did you know you can appeal your real estate taxes and reduce your tax burden? All you have to do is send in an appeal form, make it to your appointment with the proof you have to offer that your assessment is incorrect, and wait to see if the Board of Appeals agrees with you.

Your real estate taxes are based on an assessment that the Town of Greenwich Assessor’s Office calculate for your property. Contrary to popular opinion, the assessment does not necessarily coincide with the price or value of your home. Assessments are done every 5 years and they don’t change for 5 years. Hopefully, the real estate market does change from year to year.

The assessment represents 70% of the appraised value of your home. Not your bank’s appraisal. It’s the town’s assessor’s appraisal. Your property’s assessment is based mostly on the value of your land. Land that is compromised by topography, wetlands or a highway for example, can represent a credit to reduce the value of your assessment. Your home counts as well, ofcourse. The more marble and granite in your home, the higher the home’s appraisal is. If you haven’t renovated in a while, that may help reduce your appraisal. Here’s what you have to do.

In order to appeal your assessment, you need to fill out a this form, get it in by February 22nd, 2021, and make sure to keep your appointment once you get one. Hearings begin in March and they will not end until all appeals have been heard. Make sure you have all your proof and paperwork when you go to your meeting because you only get one chance! If you have a survey that shows your location, any wetlands or a topographic survey that shows your property is hilly, etc., bring it! You will need some comparative homes in your neighborhood and their values. You can get that at the Town of Greenwich Assessor’s office or we would be happy to put some together for you. Just give us a call at 475-BUY-UR-HM (475-289-8746) and we can help you with the process.

For more information, contact us at the number above, at, or visit the Board of Assessment Appeals on the town’s website.